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Probably one of the most admirated countries (more than Slovenia possibly), but also one of the most wanted country by Germany and Russia at the same time in the past, Poland is a woman which a calm expression hiding a hard and complicated story. Her traits also remains beauty, and she seems to be a very calm country for the region she is located in.

Apparently, she has some good fighting skills, shown during the times of the Winged Hussars. When it comes to things she likes, pierogi, a traditional food of hers, is her favorite. She seems to also enjoy disco polo to a level that she blasts it at anyone.

Another subject that we can point about her is her relationship with Hungary. The latter had a complicated relation with Austria, which is something he didn't feel with the presence of Poland around him. It is confirmed that they are togheter now and living a happy life, which is the best for these two countries since they had a chaotic past followed by their not-easy present life.