Belgium waffle Pipe me daddy Powerpuff Baltics
Belgium devouring a waffle Pipe me, daddy
Germany and England
Powerpuff Baltics
Lully face reveal Poland pierogi Romania leg personRomania leg person 2
Lully's face reveal Polandrogi/Pieroland Romania leg person
Croatia annoying Serbia Serbeea Nordic Sailor Moon Sweden head person
Croatia annoying Serbia with a trumpet Nordic Sailor Moon spinoff Sweden head person
Queen Elizabeth leg person England fish finger USA campfire
Queen Elizabeth as a leg person England dressed as a fish finger USA as a campfire
Turkey cat Sweden thicc Romania Serbia radiator
Cat flying by Turkey Thicc Sweden Romania and Serbia playing
their 'accordions'
Poland rooster Indonesia fire extinguisher Sweden saying something
Poland holding a rooster Indonesia playing a fire extinguisher Sweden talking gibberish
Bosnia and Herzegovina river Romania vodka breakfast Japan snorting wasabi
Bosnia and Herzegovina
sitting in a river
Romania drinking vodka in box Japan snorting wasabi
Australia in Austria clothes Serbia boots Serbia and Bulgaria door handshake
Australia in Austria's clothes Serbia's sexy boots Serbia and Bulgaria handshake
Ukraine bow and shovel Russia Adidas sportswear Russia bikini
Ukraine with a bow and shovel Russia in Adidas sportswear Russia in a bikini
Serbia in speedos Serbia sajkaca dick naked Serbia stripper
Serbia in speedos

Serbia covering his dick with a šajkača

Serbia in stripper panties thingy
Hungary in speedos
Hungary's paprika dick
Finland left eye cursed
Hungary in speedos Hungary's paprika dick Finland's left eye (cursed version)
Shakespear Shakespea
Sweden and Finland anime
Shakespear & Shakespea Sweden & Finland
What the fuck Lully
Pe Cimpoi Pe Cimpoi cover art Stevan Dalibor trash bin Lullindo
Romania overlooking his 3 Pe Cimpoi thots - Serbia, Bulgaria and Hungary Stevan, Stanley and Lullindo covering Pe Cimpoi Stevan holding his son Dalibor, while Lully celebrates
England Bayonetta
Dalibor and Bartholomew
Slovakia Hungary cat ears
England as Bayonetta Dalibor and Bartholomew Slovakia and Hungary with cat ears
Germany legs Spain Portugal helmet juicer Catalonia yeeting Spain 1
Catalonia yeeting Spain 2
Germany's thicc legs Portugal being an idiot Catalonia yeeting Spain
Balkans and surroundings idk
Japan Germany body pillow Croatia jebem ti mater
idk Japan hugging a body pillow that is definitely not Germany Croatia swearing
Poland potato opression
Turkey bunu neden yaparsin
Finland in a corner perkele
Poltato Turkey smthn Finland sitting in a corner
Slovenia Serbia Serbs 15 minutes
Slovenia chased by serbeeas
Serbeea Slovenia being a cuck Slovenia being assaulted by Serbeeas
Hungary and Serbia ready to have big sex
Serbia Hungary and Serbia ready to have the big sex Serb-cle
Japan leg person anime legs
Japan leg person


  • Serbia has been, at some point in his life, been shot in the crotch area with an arrow once by the Ottoman Empire. He is missing one ball and his dick is scarred for life. 
  • Poland is allergic to nail polish remover.
  • As of right now, Hungary possesses the largest dong in Europe
  • Austria's dirndl apron is tied at the back, which signifies she is either a waitress or a widow. In this case it is the latter, since Hungary is dead to her.
  • Azerbaijan's hair resembles the shape of flames, as a reference to his name (Land of fire).
  • Belgium has a bell decal on his shirt. You know, Bell gium.
  • Belgium touches himself with his saxophone.
  • Lully has unintentionally confirmed that Nazi Germany is into cock and ball torture.
  • The writing on Denmark's shirt (Han Elsker Min Røv LOL) translates to "He (The Netherlands) loves my ass LOL"
  • It has been confirmed that Russia was fisted by Mongolia way back in the middle ages
  • Leg people used to have genitals, until Lully removed them through selective breeding. They now reproduce through mitosis.
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