Lully sketch herself

Lully's depiction of herself

Lully hand

Lully's beatiful hand

Lully hand 2

Lully demonstrating her sheer power to bend reality on her hand

Lullindo Throckmorton also known as just Lullindo or Lully is an Instagram artist, mostly drawing personified countries she designed herself. Lullindo has confirmed that she has a horse's head, and an human left hand. On cloudy, and especially on humid days, she has a high chance of also growing a human right hand and a right eye, but is unknown whether or not she possesses a left eye. Lully has also recently revealed that she has legs, but it is not known what species of leg they are. When questioned, Lully responded that they were 'very regular'. She has also revealed that she possesses arms, as well as a left eyebrow. She has also confirmed that she does not have an ass, but rather a 'Dutch plain where an ass would be'. 
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