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Hungary is a European nation and member of the European Union group. It has been canonically confirmed that Hungary is currently in a relationship with Poland. He was previously in a relationship with Austria.


Hungary has brown hair styled in a typical contemporary male haircut, stubble, green eyes, and a considerably large and pointed nose. He wears a shirt unbuttoned at the collar with a grey vest over it, brown cargo shorts, white socks and brown shoes.

He is often portrayed with a constant shit-eating grin, which has become integral to his general appearance. He is 177cm tall.


Hungary has a cocksure air aboout him and tends to have somewhat of a fragile ego, preferring to not be reminded of his shortcomings or previous faults by people outside his friend group. He becomes nervous or panicked when he is unable to do certain things or live up to his own standards, and is easily flustered by his close romantic interests (notably Poland).

He is amicable towards a majority of his neighbors (the very notable exception being Romania) and can be seen having friendly interactions with the other members of the Visegrád Group. His current relations with Slovakia are less strained than what they used to be.

He is also known to have a huge affinity for paprika, and adds it or includes in it much of his food, including goulash, paprikash, and also desserts such as ice cream.

His previous union with Austria (The Austro-Hungarian empire) was stated to be an unhappy one, despite the two having fused into one being on occasion.


  • It has been confirmed in canon that Hungary possesses the largest cock in Europe.
  • The page “Hungary’s dick” is mean, so it is a candidate for deletion.