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car code list
Code Name (bold represents explanation) No. Common Name
PRC People’s Republic of China 1 China
IND India 2 India
USA United States of America 3 USA
RI Republic of Indonesia 4 Indonesia
PK Pakistan 5 Pakistan
BR Brazil 6 Brazil
WAN West Africa Nigeria 7 Nigeria
BD Bangladesh 8 Bangladesh
RUS Russia 9 Russia
MX Mexico 10 Mexico
J Japan 11 Japan
ETH Ethiopia 12 Ethiopia
RP Republic of the Philippines 13 Philippines
ET Egypt 14 Egypt
VN Vietnam 15 Vietnam
ZRE Democratic Republic of the Congo (Formerly Zaire) 16 DRC
D Germany (German Deutchland) 17 Germany
TR Turkey 18 Turkey
IR Iran 19 Iran
T Thailand 20 Thailand
GB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 21 UK