Belgium is a fusion between Wallonia, Flanders, and Brussels-Capital.

Appearance Edit

Despite being canonically confirmed to possess the body of an adult, Belgium possesses a baby-face, rendering his appearance almost adolescent-like. He has brown hair reminiscent of Wallonia's, and blue eyes reminiscent of Flanders'. His hairstyle is derived from Brussels-Capital.

In older comics, he wears a yellow-rimmed peach cardigan over a white shirt. This has recently been changed to a black-yellow t-shirt with a bell decal.

About Edit

As is with many fusions between states, Belgium often undergoes internal and identity crises. Not much is known of him. Much is speculated of his dark past that involving his behaviour in the 20th century toward his colony, The DRC.

Belgium waffle

Belgium devouring a waffle

He appears calm most of the time (when the crisis doesn't hit), but if you are a generic American never dare to say "french fries" or "Swiss chocolate is the best" in front of him. He created those delicious and unhealthy fries plus the unique chocolate for you. You will kneel in front of him and then perish.

He is able to speak French, Flemish, and German. He is amicable with the Netherlands, though how he deals with matters such as their complicated borders etc is currently unknown. Best to avoid the subject.

Trivia Edit

  • The bell decal on his current design's shirt is a pun on his name.
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